Workers Compensation

Protect your employees from work-related injuries and illnesses by securing the right workers compensation plan for your business.

workers compensation insurance

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are well-cared for in the event that they suffer from a work-related injury or illness.  While you should obviously take steps to avoid placing your staff at risk, sometimes accidents are unavoidable.  In these cases, it’s important to offer your employees the protection and coverage that they need with benefits from the right workers compensation plan.

Workers compensation provides benefits to employees who becomes injured or ill from doing their jobs.  While injuries and illness might be a result of a workplace accident, workers compensation will also offer coverage for injuries stemming from repetitive motion or overuse and for illnesses that are a gradual result of work conditions.  While businesses are required to carry minimum workers compensation by state laws, having a more comprehensive plan will show your staff just how much their health and safety means to you.  If you would like to secure the proper workers compensation plan for your business, then here’s how SCH&A can help.

workers compensation insurance

Managing Your Benefits

When it comes to workers compensation, every state has guidelines for the coverages that businesses need to offer their employees.  However, business owners can offer coverage beyond these minimums to provide their employees all the protection that they need.  When you secure workers compensation from SCH&A, you can create the custom coverage plan that best suits your business’s needs.  Our workers compensation plans offer coverage for the following:

  • Wage replacement benefits
  • Medical treatment
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Death and funeral services

Choosing Us

When you rely on us, you can rest easy knowing that our extensive experience and unwavering support is on your side.  Our clients know that their needs are our main priority and that we will leverage our knowledge, connections, and resources to find the perfect solutions for every concern they may have.  Turn to us for the easy, personalized employee benefits services that you deserve.

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