Executive Benefits

Stay competitive and support your business’s leadership by putting the right executive benefits plan into place.

Executive benefits insurance

As a business owner, it’s important that you take steps to incentivize the staff members who hold executive or managerial positions within your company to preform well and meet various objectives.  Doing so will ensure that your business’s officers continue to work for the benefit of your company while also ensuring that your key employees are satisfied with their current situations.

One way to provide additional incentives to your company’s directors and officers is by setting up an executive benefits plan.  These plans allow employers to provide additional benefits to a select group of employees that help them build and protect their wealth.  If you would like to offer your business’s executives the additional benefits that they need, then turn to the experts at SCH&A for assistance.

Executive benefits insurance

Managing Your Benefits

At SCH&A, we understand that every business has their own unique needs and motivations.  This is why we have made it our priority to offer our clients the ability to put together a customized executive benefits plan to best suit their company’s environment and goals.  When you rely on us, you have access to executive coverage plans such as:

  • Deferral plans
  • Deferred compensation
  • Strategic deferred compensation
  • Supplemental executive retirement plans (SERPs)
  • Hybrid plans
  • Executive life insurance plans (such as split dollar or executive bonus)
  • Executive disability plans

Choosing Us

We at SCH&A always place the needs of our clients first.  Because our clients have our knowledge, resources, connections, and insights at their disposal, they can rest assured knowing that they can organize the perfect benefits package to meet their business’s needs and to keep their staff members satisfied.  With over 65 years as a leader in the employee benefits industry, you can trust us to find the innovative and comprehensive solutions that your company deserves.

Interested in learning more about what the right executive benefits plan can do for your business?  Then don’t hesitate to contact the experts at SCH&A.  We are eager to get you started today.